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July 26th, 2011
From the Walton & Johnson Mailbag

Hey Gawds;

The explanation in short story form.    

    America's two campuses were awash in ideas, the first campus( actually the last ) was rendering out ideas to all it's wallowing thinkers, why should we work when we can get those working idiots to do it for us. Then we can lay around and think about how much smarter, better and greater we are. We will us their money to buy politicians and unions so we can have a political party called the Worker-nots.We will suck up all the money by getting politicians to pas taxes on everything and that will fund us and leave the worker-idiots with just enought to make them keep working. We will use the media which we bought with workeing idiots money to tell them lies to make them happy and angry at everyone all at the same time. Thus they will not know who to be mad at. We shall call this progressiveism. Because it progresses them to the money.


 On the second campus, ( actually the first ) the workers and real leaders were trying to tell the truth. But since the Worker-nots had bought everyone with money that they didn't earn the truth almost never got out. So the non-campus people never knew what to do or how to vote. Thusly the two campuses were taken over by Guatemala in a sweetheart deal for two trillion beads and the worker-nots ceased to be. The working idiots eventually out worked the Guatemalians and bought back America. Since the worker-nots had long ago left America in search of a new campus America once again became the leader of the world. And the prosess started over.    Doug Denehie, Ocean Springs, Ms.


P.S. The worker-not leaders, the professors of campus one ( actually the last ) snuck back into America as teachers and tried to restart the worker-not campus. But the workingidiots made laws to stop them, the laws worked for a long time , until the professors had trained enought worker-nots to get into the government and change the laws. Thus bringing forth a new age of progressiveness.

-10%ER Doug




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