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July 19th, 2011
Word of the Day

--The "Scientific Journal of Dermatology" has just reported on the first-ever known case of Supernumerary Breast Tissue appearing on a foot.  In case you don't specialize in insider dermatologist terms, let me spell that out for you . . .

--Doctors found a NIPPLE growing on a woman's FOOT.

The woman is 22 . . . the nipple is on the bottom of her foot . . . she's had it since birth . . . it's about four centimeters wide . . . and it doesn't cause her any pain.  And no . . . we DON'T know if it gives her any pleasure.

-Supernumerary Breast Tissue itself isn't super-rare.  It's also called SBT, or 'pseudomamma'.  I'm not kidding.  (--Best medical term ever?)  Doctors say they've seen cases on the back, shoulder, face, and thigh.  But this is the first foot.

-The nipple comes complete with breast tissue, areola, and hair.




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