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July 6th, 2011
Not Guilty!

The stunning not guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony murder trial leaves a big question: how did little Caylee die? The answer may never be known as it was a central focus in the trial but was never fully investigated as the spotlight shown on Casey Anthony's habit of making up fantastic lies.

Anthony was convicted of lying to investigators but the jail time for that crime, if any, is nothing compared to the sentence she may have received if found guilty of murder.

The troubled mother was seen smiling for the first time in months shortly after the verdict, even as court officers took her fingerprints and began processing her for the penalty phase of the trial.

Many troubling revelations came to light during the case that may never fully be explored now that double jeopardy attaches. The biggest question is the manner of Caylee Anthony's death. Although the prosecution attempted to cover all bases during the case, especially by throwing suspicion on Anthony's father, George, a former detective, they were never able to prove that Caylee's death was murder.

The prevailing theory now is that Caylee accidentally drowned in the swimming pool and the family immediately engaged in an elaborate cover-up that included fictional trips to Disneyland, an imaginary nanny and an entire social network of friends and caregivers that simply didn't exist.

The shocking end to this case means there is still a big mystery to unravel: just how did the angelic, innocent, happy child meet such an untimely end?



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