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July 5th, 2011
Is it Legal for the President to Profit Off of Your 'Clicks'?

These are the GoogleSearch results for 'Barack Obama, 2012'...

Notice the 1st three websites are "Official"...

see the little Obama "O" to prove it's official??


 and then the 4th website on the GoogleSearch page...apparently 'Official' because it has the "O"...

The circled ad space are profit-generating banner and text advertisements.  This means that this website is not only an official-looking Barack Obama donation website, but it's also generating profit-per-click!

How??  Well, this website could charge $30, $50, even $100 per thousand impressions to run banner ads on the page.

If a site could generate 100 million page impressions per month, it could make $3 million per month with banner ad rates at $30 per thousand impressions.

So, not only is this website generating non-for-profit-profit, but also for-profit-profit. 

Is this how he plans to make it to $1 Billion??

Is it even Legal??


For comparison, the webites of the top Republican candidates were reviewed, and none exhibited for-profit advertisements.

Now, if that seems a little off to you...it should.

This odd connection implores more interest when you see how the payments are directed:

So, is it that the Obama blogspot is asking for money to keep the blogspot going so that it can keep asking for people to donate to the Obama campaign?*

At the same time you think you are donating to the Obama campaign, but you are really donating to the blogspot that will turn in that donation to the campaign?  

Seems that the Obama campaign could avoid a lot of pesky donation regulations by fronting this blogspot.

The stated post-script identifies the blogspot as not being endorsed by the Obama campaign...yet Mr. David Thompson, the stated contact is, in all appearences, part of the Obama re-election team.

Interesting how this stuff kinda comes together...


*(Producer's Note:  There's a movie called the Human Centepiede I won't see...look it up, you'll see why, and why I pulled it's reference.)



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