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June 20th, 2011
Forty-Eight Beers ~ 576 ozs of Alcohol

A Man is Arrested After Drinking 48 Beers . . . And Admits to the Cops That It Was Probably "10 Too Many"

Back on Wednesday, James Taylor of Hudson, Florida turned 58.  And we're not talking about the famous James Taylor.  This James Taylor is a drifter and pretty creepy.  The famous one isn't a drifter, though he IS also creepy.

To celebrate his 58th birthday, James drank some beers.  FORTY-EIGHT BEERS.

After drinking 48 beers, James was as drunk as you'd expect . . . although not DEAD, like you might expect . . . and he started making a scene.

He was yelling at people on the street and relieved his bladder in the middle of a beach.

Someone finally called the cops on him, and when he was arrested he admitted he'd probably had too much to drink.  In his words, it was probably, quote, "10 too many."  At 38 beers he'd apparently be fully composed and professional.

He was taken to the hospital.

After he was medically cleared he was charged with disorderly intoxication and causing a disturbance. 



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