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June 8th, 2011
The Locust Effect

Overtaxed and still over spent, Greeceís public sector labor unions are revolting against government cutbacks.

Obama and SEIU have the good ole USA poised to follow that utopian trail into national bankruptcy.

In both countries, the majority of union employees now hold taxpayer funded government jobs, the only kind of jobs that government can create.

The labor union protests in the streets of bankrupt Greece are in opposition to forced cutbacks in government spending and related services, all necessary to securing additional bailout funds from the EU and IMF in excess of $100 billion to keep Greece from sinking into complete anarchy.

Protesters who have already bled the nation dry of resources in their endless demand for socialist government handouts, are angry over the fact that it is government jobs, protected by public employee labor unions and paid for by Greek taxpayers, that must be cut in order to stop the excessive deficit spending that left Greece the first of many nations to collapse under the weight of socialized economics.




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