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June 7th, 2011
UPDATE: West Point May Re-Admit Cadet


There are new developments in the case of a West Point cadet who is suing R&B singer Patti LaBelle in connection with an alleged beating at Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport.

According to his lawyer, after the incident, it was someone from HPD called West Point to report a cadet was drunk and involved in an assault.

As a result, the attorney says his client – an Army football player—was suspended.

Now, HPD is taking a second look at the case after King’s attorney released surveillance video of the alleged beating.

"I’m encouraged by that because anyone who is seeking the truth in this will see clearly that Richard was attacked by these people with no provocation whatsoever," said Houston attorney John Raley. "The video confirms it, witnesses confirm it and now the police are looking at it."

"Officers now who have seen the videotape and know that he is innocent have come forward and said, ‘We’re on your side,’ so it’s possible that West Point will reconsider this decision," said Raley. "We’re hopeful."

Police say they could launch an internal investigation into the officers’ actions after two of the officers were seen on the same surveillance video taking pictures with LaBelle just after the alleged beating. 



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