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May 26th, 2011
The 10 Repeating Themes of Palin Hatin'

10. Sheís Prettier Than You (and She Couldnít Care Less)

Much of the hatred from the Left (especially from the women) stems from this type of petty jealousy. And who could blame them? Conservative women in politics tend to be more attractive than leftist politicians. Usually thatís because conservatives do their hair and wear makeup versus the Janeane Garofalo approach which involves not showering and wearing big clunky spectacles last seen on Buddy Holly.

9. Sheís Married to the Father of All Her Children (i.e. Traditional Family)

The tabloid media made valiant effortd to implode the Palinsí marriage, they failed. Sarah and her high school sweetheart, Todd, are still happily married and doing just fine. They have mutual admiration for each other and it shows.
Adding insult to injury, the Left is seething at the non-traditional setup of this traditional marriage.  He stays at home while she collects the paycheck.
It is as if they know what she is should be respected based on all their beliefs, but beliefs be damned, sheís not one of them. Her failure to toe the leftist line makes every accomplishment null and void. Faux feminists hate Sarah for illustrating a basic truth about them; ďfeministsĒ are leftists first.

8. She Encourages Character Building, Not Eyebrow Tweezing

Americans relate to the Palins. We donít let our kids swear, we donít let them deride each other, and we donít give them boob jobs for their birthdays. We encourage our children to work, to earn their way. We recognize that allowing children to stay too long nestled on the parental teat will make it all too easy to transition to the government teat when weíre gone. This idea is highly annoying for leftists. Where will their new troops come from if we teach the next generation to be self-sufficient?

7. She Likes Guns

The Left hates this because young girls, who know deep down they really arenít empowered at all when it comes to protecting themselves from evil men, might be inspired by her and enroll in shooting classes. Sarah could single-handedly usher in a whole new era of girls with guns and itís about time! Letís give those rapists something to fear. This is not good for the Left. They have been so obtuse about ďgun controlĒ for so long and itís got to end. Illinois is one of two states left without conceal carry rights and has some of the highest crime in the nation.

6. She Hunts

All leftists hate hunters.
They just have no concept of the pioneer spirit, they are so removed from it with hands freshly exfoliated and moisturized with something that cost more than most Americanís weekly grocery budgets. So itís no mystery when Sarah shows us how she stocks her freezer for the low cost of a few bullets and some serious hiking, the Left recoils in horror. Self-sufficiency isnít on the menu of totalitarian regimes. The little people must be made to rely on the government for their very existence.  How dare they try and go get sustinence for themselves? 

5. Sheís Pro-Life and Lives It

Of all the reasons to hate Sarah Palin...this one goes unspoken, but, itís at the top of the list.

In the leftist manual, a woman should never even consider keeping a disabled child. And if she actually does it, she is regarded as a freak.  A leftist believes even healthy babies should be pruned for the good of the species, so you can imagine their outrage at a person who willingly brings a child into the world who is less than perfect to consume more precious resources.
When a woman such as Sarah makes a choice for life because they donít have the moral character to make the same choice, their guilty conscience makes them hate anyone who has more compassion than they. Progressives love to talk about compassion but their words never require them to actually be compassionate. When someone else lives in a compassionate way (and isnít ideologically copacetic) it sears what is left of the conscience inside a leftist. It reminds them who they really are; people who advocate for the killing of the most helpless among us.

4. You Canít Rattle Her

Despite the attacks, which unarguably have been the worst and most vicious in history, Sarah is still standing, never once bowing her head in defeat. Not only is she still standing, she ridicules and tweaks the Left regularly. They hate this.

3. Her Children (and Husband) are Native Americans

We all know how much the Left loves to co-opt ethnic groups. But Todd Palinís Inuit heritage isnít helping the progressive media feel warm and fuzzy toward the Palins. In fact, theyíve never mentioned it.
The Palin children are one quarter Inuit. That means they will be eligible for affirmative action placement and all sorts of yummy leftist treats (maybe even their own casino!) They should be totally immune to the vitriol of the Left. But no, progressives only care about minorities when it suits them. Instead of endearing them to the Left, their minority status has only made the Palins more hated.

2. She Loves Jesus

The problem is, most people in this country identify as Christians and we know weíre not crazy and so by default we know sheís not crazy either. This makes the left hate her more than ever.

1. Sheís Not a Democrat

The number one reason the left hates Sarah Palin is because sheís not one of them. Rest assured, if she was pro-abortion and pro-big government, they would be announcing her as the second coming of Fidel Castro.

The real reason they hate Sarah is because no one on their side has anywhere near the charisma, star power, and influence as she does. And theyíre pea green with envy! 




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