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May 19th, 2011
Poor Southwest Airlines

Kenlie Tiggeman and her mother were flying home on Easter Sunday, which on all accounts should have been a pretty regular experience. But during their layover in Dallas, Texas the two women were singled out by an airline employee who told them they were "too fat to fly" and the agent used those very words in front of over a hundred fellow passengers.

Kenlie, her mother, and the Southwest employees argued for over 45 minutes about the airlines "Customers of Size" policy, which requires passengers to purchase a second seat if they cannot fit between the 17-inch armrests. However, the same policy suggests Southwest employees should speak with customers in a private area something that the the airline representatives had clearly forgotten. Kenlie's mother tells MSNBC, "It was the worst time I've ever had in my whole life. I was embarrassed, humiliated."

The Southwest rep tried to strike a deal with the women, suggesting they could fly along with a third overweight woman if they would all sit together. Finally, a Southwest supervisor stepped in and allowed the women to fly per usual and gave the ladies vouchers and an apology.  

This bitch has been blogging about her fat for years.  Posting pictures of her extreme fattiness are plastered all over her 'Look at Fat Me!! blog'



Too Fat To Fly - 2011-05-19
If we make faces publicly to people who smoke, when are we going to do the same thing to people who are obese or overweight.
by Sal

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