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May 13th, 2011
Osama Liked to Email

So, apparently OSAMA BIN LADEN liked email.  But for security, his compound didn't have Internet access or a phone line . . . and he didn't have a cell phone.  So how did he email?  It took him a while.


--First, bin Laden would type emails on his computer, which wasn't connected to the Internet.

--Then, he'd transfer those emails to a USB thumb drive.

--One of his couriers would take the flash drive, head to an Internet cafe far, far away, copy bin Laden's messages into emails, and send them.

--The courier would also reverse the process by receiving emails for bin Laden, copying the text onto the thumb drive, and returning it to the compound.

--Using this method, the CIA was never able to link any of the emails to bin Laden himself.

--During the raid, the Navy SEALs found about 100 thumb drives, all of which contain email conversations back-and-forth between bin Laden and his operatives around the world.

--And now the CIA is digging through them to connect the dots between bin Laden and everyone he emailed with . . . some of whom are known terrorists, and some of whom are not. 




U.S. officials are analyzing one million pages of data from the trove found in Osama bin Laden's compound during the raid that killed him, and say they have learned more in the past ten days than in the past 10 years.


Among the things they've learned is that the al Qaeda leader wanted to find a way to kill President Obama.


Meanwhile, the first revenge attack for the bin Laden raid has killed 80 outside a military training center in Pakistan, and President Obama has acknowledged that threats against his own grandmother from another al Qaeda group are being closely monitored.


In the Kenyan village where she lives, the president's 88-year-old step-grandmother, Sarah Obama, shrugged off death threats against her from an al Qaeda affiliate in East Africa called al Shabaab.


The leaders of al Shabaab, which operates in war-torn Somalia on Kenya's northern border, include an Alabama-born-and-raised 27-year-old named Omar Hammami who goes by the nom de guerre Abu Mansour al-Amriki, or Abu Mansour the American. The son of a white Southern Baptist mother and a Syrian Muslim father, Amriki grew up in Daphne, Alabama, near Mobile.


This week, Amriki, who is under indictment on federal terror charges in Alabama, was recorded issuing threats against the United States and President Obama.


"Today we remind Obama, and the rest of his cronies, that they have entered the wrong war," said Amriki.


Bin Laden's own writings discovered at his compound indicate he urged his followers to assassinate the President, and find ways to disrupt the 2012 American elections.


"I would say this is probably very personal on bin Laden's part, to kill a President that he believes has violated the Muslim faith," said Brad Garrett," an ABC News consultant and former FBI profiler. "He is incensed, inflamed, obsessed about killing the President."


In fact, the video of bin Laden watching television in his hideout shows that whenever President Obama came on the screen, bin Laden quickly tried to change the channel.


It was President Obama who got bin Laden first.







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