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May 12th, 2011
Wondering what you'd look like after breast augmentation?

Dr. Elizabeth Kinsley, a New Orleans-based plastic surgeon, has created a free iPhone app with Touch Studios called iAugment which simulates a variety of implant sizes using 3D imaging technology, allowing you to visualize what a bigger busted you could look like.


Dr. Kinsley said, "Breast augmentation can be a complicated procedure with women asking questions like 'What will they look like?' or 'What size is right for me?'," the Daily Mail UK reports.

"This is designed to give them the best idea possible of how they might look after surgery. You can show your friends, your boyfriend or your husband and say 'What do you think?'"

Alice Boudreaux writes, "BETTER THAN FALSIES. What an awesome app! I have always wanted bigger breast but too shy to see a physician. This was the KICKER! Scheduled my appointment 2day!"

Another reviewer, Chris, reveals, "I downloaded it for my wife, she loves this app."

But Silna_Kobieta cautions, "This could be used for entertainment value as the end result doesn't look very realistic; it just magnifies everything."

For best results, the app recommends you start with a picture of yourself wearing a bra, swimsuit or similar clothing. You then mark out the breasts using an onscreen cursor and a slider to adjust the size.

Once the desired area has been selected, you can choose from a range of 17 different implant sizes from 210cc to 690cc. Obviously we zeroed straight in on the 'enormous' end of the spectrum.



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