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May 11th, 2011
LSU OKs Student Plans to Burn American Flag Today

A student at Louisiana State University reportedly is planning to burn an American flag on campus Wednesday as part of a peaceful protest, the student newspaper reports.

The flag-burning comes nearly a week after police charged another student, Isaac Eslava, with taking the American flag at the campus' historic War Memorial and burning it hours after news of Usama bin Laden’s killing by U.S. Navy SEALs.

The 10-by-15 flag flew atop a 102-foot pole 24 hours a day at the campus and honors all the war dead from LSU. Police said there was about $7,530 worth of damage at the memorial and called it very "coincidental" that the event took place so soon after bin Laden's death.

Benjamin Hass, a communication studies graduate student, has reportedly followed university procedure in seeking clearance to host the flag-burning protest at noon on the Baton Rouge campus.

LSU’s student government president Cody Wells told The Daily Reveille that he and others plan to hold their own counter ceremony an hour after the protest, saying the Pledge of Allegiance and singing the national anthem. 


From the Facebook page for the flag-burning, established by the flag burner:

Isaac has been accused and arrested for the burning of the American Flag and vandalism at LSU. He maintains his innocence while the media and University have declared him guilty, we seek to let those who side with justice and fair due process gather in solidarity to support Isaac. We call on the university to drop the criminal charges against Isaac and handle this matter internally, excluding the possibility of expulsion. As an ...education community we have a duty to support our students and peers when they engage in constitutionally protected forms of dissent.

In order to stand in solidarity with Isaac, we will burn a U.S. flag on the parade grounds at noon tomorrow (5/11). All are welcomed and encouraged to come, though as I have cleared this event with the university and police, any violence will result in arrests to those who commit it.

It is our duty to support and stand in solidarity with one another by being non-violent and not being lured into any violent action, so if you decide to come you must agree to be nonviolent otherwise you will face the wrath of the police force and American CJS.

You are also required to maintain a 15 foot parameter from the flames and disperse when asked to do so or you face arrest.

I wish this to be a peaceful and successful event, and look forward to seeing you there, I also would encourage you to make signs and shirts to come and support this action.

please invite more people to this event and encourage media outlets to attend as well.



LSU students exercise THEIR freedom of speech! - 2011-05-11
The LSU student body exercised their right to freedom of speech to let this hippy-commie bas#$%d know what they felt of him, his practices, and his ways. They ran the baby out of the Parade Gounds with a police escort and water ballons being hurled at him. What a freakin pu$$y!! Never did get his flag burned, never even got to make his prepared statement to the press, way to go to LSU students! Afterwards, there was a patriotic reciting of the Pledge of Allegance and singning of the National Anthem. Patriotism is not dead and it gave me hope for the future, a sliver of hope...Several videos on you-tube.
by Big Mike

False Information - 2011-05-11
Mr. Eslava is not being charged with burning a flag, but instead he is “…charged with two felony counts of simple criminal damage to property, arson, theft, resisting an officer and possession of drug paraphernalia,” as is stated in an article in The Daily Reveille. Mr. Haas failed to mention that part.
by LSU Student

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