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May 5th, 2011
KRAFT Foods Probably Turned Down This Product Idea

A Five-Year-Old Ingests PCP After Her Mom Cooks Some In a Pot In the Kitchen and Doesn't Properly Clean It

I'm not sure they can take this woman's daughter away from her fast enough.

--On Sunday, 26-year-old Hope Brodie of New Haven, Connecticut was at home in her kitchen, COOKING PCP in one of her pots.  And when she was done, she didn't bother to properly clean out the pot.

--The next day, a relative was over at the house and decided to make some noodles for Brodie's five-year-old daughter, and she used the same pot.  And without knowing it . . . the five-year-old girl ate noodles that were laced with PCP.

--After she ate the noodles she started freaking out . . . and started pointing at her face, saying she had FOUR NOSES.
--The relative took her to the emergency room and the staff said she'd ingested PCP.

--The girl was still hospitalized yesterday in stable condition, and it looks like she's going to recover.

--Brodie was arrested.  So far, she's just been charged with risking injury to a minor.  The Department of Children and Families was also notified. 



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