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March 15th, 2010
Tigers Big Blow UP

Are you a skanky white cocktail waitress or struggling actress who missed her chance at nailing TIGER WOODS??? Well, now you can at least make it with the Tiger Woods BLOW-UP DOLL...Many calls this morning about the link to the Tiger Woods Blow up doll....you asked for it


(--And it won't even badger you afterward to take its name off your phone!!!  Check out the blow-up doll, plus other Tiger Woods novelty products, at the following link . . .)



(--WARNING!!! There are some naughty items at this link . . .)






tzgjahkyd - 2013-04-10
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by tzgjahkyd

Adam - 2013-04-07
the reson y i sony and microsoft are bet bcaseue they have better only not laggs as much as the wii and nintendo is good at gaming but only on hand held and sony is taking away that from them bcaseue of the new psp. that why ps3 the pc or mac and xbox rule the gaming world. the wii did go back 3 years on there shity graphix and it was sad when black ops came to it bcaseue the controller suck for it
by Adam

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