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April 27th, 2011
FINALLY! Obama's Birth Certificate...

White House releases Obama birth certificate...


(CNN) The White House released President Obama's original birth certificate Wednesday.

Not this one, that they said was his Birth Certificate in 2008:

The surprise release follows recent and sustained remarks by businessman Donald Trump, among others, that raised doubts as to whether the president was born in the United States.

White House spokesman Jay Carney is expected to speak more about the birth certificate Wednesday morning.

In an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper Monday, Trump repeated his doubts and said he had been told the certificate was "missing."

A new CNN investigation revealed earlier this week what most analysts have been saying since the "birther" controversy erupted during the 2008 presidential campaign: Obama was born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961.

While the president has made light of the controversy, the question remained political red meat for some of his critics. A recent CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll showed that nearly 75% of Americans believe Obama was definitely or probably born in the United States. More than four in 10 Republicans, however, believe he probably or definitely was not born in America.

The U.S. Constitution says only "natural born" citizens can become president - a vague clause that some members of the birther movement contend disqualifies Obama because, they insist, he was born outside the United States.

Skeptics contend, among other things, that Obama was born in his father's home country of Kenya.  



Right or Wrong...I just dont know any more... - 2011-04-28
If the certificate is real whats this video all about??? "click this link" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwhKuunp8D8&feature=player_embedded
by Jay P

B.S. - 2011-04-27
umm yeah isnt his name Barry Soetero? that is all.
by L.P.

- 2011-04-27
I think it is fake
by LJ Vullo

Birthers - 2011-04-27
Hopefully you two will shut the hell up regarding this issue. It got so repetitive and so old I had to stop listening to the show.
by Dave

barrack obama birth certificate - 2011-04-27
I thought he changed his name to Obama that it was originally Barry something
by Jennifer

What a bunch of BULLSHIT!!! - 2011-04-27
Get the truth NOW at youtube:Not natural born - the truth matters , see also Birthers Delight pt 1-2 and lastly see on youtube Barrak obama kenyan birth certificate/lucas smith/ these should be seen and heard by ALL pull these up and let the TRUTH be known.
by Jeremy Davis

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