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April 26th, 2011
This is How Your Kids Are Learning to Talk Good.




Is this not ''FED-UCATION''? - 2011-04-27
lets see ,if it sounds like a caveman a pirate or a 'HILLBILLY' its probably wrong hmm let me translate 'HILLBILLY' in other words if its to be SPOKEN with a SOUTHERN ACCENT its 'PROBABLY' wrong. What this is saying is that if you speak with a southern accent or drawl then you are 'Probably' wrong. Who made this test this is an blantet attack on my southerness and my native toung my southern english. Does this mean that Ebonics is an accecptable form of speaking? Its crap like this that will keep me from ever subjecting my children to gubment schools and their FED-UCATION indoctranation.
by Jeremy Davis

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