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April 19th, 2011
When Obama Says The Rich Don't Pay Enough in Taxes

President Obama Filed His Taxes . . . And While He Made a Lot Less Money Last Year, It's Still Way More Than You Made

The White House released PRESIDENT OBAMA'S tax return yesterday.  And he sure is lucky he hasn't convinced Congress to overturn PRESIDENT BUSH'S tax cuts for rich folks yet.  Because he's making it rain.



--President Obama and MICHELLE reported an income of $1.73 MILLION for 2010.  As president, he made the standard salary of $400,000 . . . the rest of the money is from his book royalties.



--That income is WAY down from what the Obamas made in 2009.  They made $5.5 MILLION . . . since the president's books were newer and sold better that year.  He also got $1.4 MILLION for winning the Nobel Peace Prize.



--During 2010, the Obamas paid $453,770 in federal taxes, which was about one-quarter of their income.  Based on their income after deductions, they overpaid . . . so they'll be getting a $12,334 refund.



--The Obamas reported $245,075 in charitable donations in 2010.  That was spread across 36 charities, with the biggest chunk going to the Fisher House Foundation, a charity that supports members of the military and their families.



--The White House also released JOE and JILL BIDEN'S return.  They made a much more modest amount . . . $379,178.  They owe $7,180 in taxes. 




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