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April 13th, 2011
Bible Time with Walton and Johnson

"And I saw the BEAST rise from the Sea. And he was given a MOUTH, to speak Haughty and Blasphemous words. And he was allowed to exercise authority for forty two Months." Revelation 13-5.

The Son of a Muslim Marxist and an Atheist Communist. He grew up, until the age of 11, in Muslim Kenya, and Muslim Indonesia. He attended Muslim Schools, where "Mickey Jew Killer Mouse" teaches the children: "Barack! Look out! There's a JEW behind that rock! KILL HIM!" He learned all about the GREAT SATAN and the LITTLE SATAN. He went to Mosque. He knelt on his Prayer Rug, facing Mecca, and prayed to the Muslim God of BLOOD, DEATH, and MISERY, 5 times a day, until he was 11. He told George Stephanopoulos that "The Muslim Call To Prayer was the most beautiful sound in the world".

 He has surrounded himself with White Hating, Jew Hating, America Hating, Freedom Hating ANARCHISTS, his entire life. His Father was a Marxist. His mom, a Communist. His Grandparents were Communists. His two 'Mentors were a Communist and a Marxist. His "Friends" are TERRORISTS - Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn and PLO Recruiter Khalid Rashidi. (Ask the L.A. TIMES why they refuse to release the VIDEO of Barack Hussein Obama at Khalid Rashidi's going away party.) He went to a Hate Church. A "CHURCH" that took a field trip to Libya, so they could give Khadafi an award. And they gave a LIFETIME ACHIEVEMANT AWARD to White Hating, Jew Hating, America Hating, Louis Farrakhan, of the Nation of Islam.

 How did this Coke Snorting, Pot Smoking, Street and riot organizing Radical, from the South Side of Chicago become the Leader of the Free World and commander and chief of the former forces of the free market..?
How did this statist central planning CREATURE become the President of the United States? (And I saw the BEAST rise from the Sea.) How does this Son of a union between a White Atheist/Communist and a Black Muslim/Marxist, who spent 11 years in Foreign Lands, praying to a Muslim God of DEATH now sit on the Throne of the World's most Powerful Christian Nation and the world's only friend of Israel? 



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