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April 11th, 2011
Taser Report du Jour

Scott Ashley, 41, appeared heavily intoxicated and was using excessive foul language and disrupting other fans' enjoyment of the game, said Brian Warecki, Director of Communications for the Pirates.

Warecki said after receiving complaints from fans, Ashley was asked by PNC Park staff to leave the game. He refused and threatened the employee with foul and abusive language, according to Warecki.

At that point, pursuant to PNC Park procedure, Pittsburgh police on duty at the ballpark were asked to assist, and it became a police matter, Warecki said.

In the video, Ashley can be seen being shot with Taser. Officers are shown striking Ashley severaly times with batons, too.

According to the criminal complaint, the officer who responded said, (The) actor then incited the crowd by getting louder with me, challenging me to remove him from his seat. I then informed the actor that he had no choice."

Channel 11s Dave Bondy spoke with Erik, the man who shot the video, who said he is sad it had to come to this.

"This was probably a last resort. Its the first time I have seen it in 150 games. He was pretty uncooperative, so I feel like it was justified," Erik said.

We pride ourselves on promoting a fan and family friendly atmosphere at PNC Park, Warecki said.

Ashley faces a number of charges, including harassment and resisting arrest. Hes currently being held at the Allegheny County Jail.  



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