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March 12th, 2010
A fifth masters win for Tiger Woods?
Tiger may make his return to golf during the Masters next month. After a five month break, I wonder if he can pull off a fifth Masters win. Tiger has been practicing but it has been a while since he actually competed. One thing is for sure, his play will be under a microscope and any mistakes he makes will be put in a highlight reel for everyone to criticize and question whether he still has what it takes. That's a lot of pressure. But just imagine if he won.

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Hazem - 2015-12-26
I agree with you that Tiger has not changed much. He only larneed how to cover his tracks better. I figured that out after seeing that sick Nike commercial. He has no respect for his own father. He thought it would be OK that he shortly takes a break from his treatment to try to win a major. No wonder. That was because he only (repeat only) cares how many majors he wins. The rest of tournaments are nothing to him. Luckily, his behaviour and his golf game left little doubt that he has a long road to redemption.
by Hazem

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