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March 29th, 2011
Taser Report Du Jour

KALISPELL--A Whitefish man was arrested Friday night after leading authorities in a high-speed pursuit through Kalispell.

26-year-old Abram Schilling was stopped around 8:30 Friday night, just South of Kalispell, as part of an investigation by the Northwest Drug Task Force.

Authorities say Schilling initially stopped, but sped away as an officer approached his car. Officers were able to run stop sticks--also known as spikes--across the road, which flattened Schilling's two front tires as he drove into Kalispell.

The pursuit reached speeds of over 100 miles per hour and lasted for about 8 miles. It involved upwards of ten officers from the Kalispell Police Department, Montana Highway Patrol, and the Flathead County Sheriff's Office.

It ended in Lawrence Park, after Schilling drove over an embankment, unable to turn because of his two flat tires.

Schilling attempted to flee on foot, and officers say they used a Taser on him, after refusing to comply with deputies.

Details on whether Schilling was harboring any illegal items in his Chevy pick up truck have not yet been released.

Schilling has been booked at the Flathead County Adult Detention Center just before 10 P.M., on charges of criminal sale of dangerous drugs, criminal endangerment, and eluding an officer.

His case will go to the Flathead County Attorney's Office on Monday, where they will decide whether or not to formally charge him on those three criminal counts. 



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