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March 24th, 2011
Ready to Take a Bite Outta a Fat Ho?

Business was so good Wednesday at Waco’s Fat Ho Burgers that the cash-only business first ran out of cash and then used up its supply of beef.

Lunch-hour diners waited in line for 30 minutes or longer Wednesday and for most the attraction was the new restaurant’s provocative name.

 "I just wanted to see what all the talk was about,” one diner said.

The restaurant on South 11th Street near Interstate 35 started serving burgers on Tuesday, but it got plenty of press ahead of the opening thanks to its name, which owner Lakita Evans, 23, said was inspired by the movie “Phat Girlz.”

"I was watching “Phat Girlz”…and they had like a fat ass burger and skinny ass fries,” she said.

The Fat Ho menu includes such choices as a “Supa Fly Ho,” which is a single-patty burger, and a “Supa Dupa Fly Ho,” which is a double.

Because of its name, the restaurant is sparking some buzz nationally, and not all of it’s positive.

One former Waco resident has created a Facebook group asking Evans to come up with a different name for the business.

Fat Ho Burger's owner, Lakita Evans, told us before it opened the name is supposed to bring a smile.

"You can come here, laugh at the menu and stuff to try to take their mind off of stuff," said Evans.

For those who gathered Tuesday, ordering from the menu sloppy hos and bad mama jama ho burgers, Fat Ho Burgers seemed to do just that.

However, not everyone agrees that "ho" is a funny word for a business. Larrye Weaver is a member of a Facebook group asking Lakita Evans to change the name of Fat Ho Burgers.

"I've heard some people laugh about it. It's raised an eye of other people, and that's what we need to explain to her that her business needs to be a drawing point and not a repellant," says Weaver.

Group members say they want Evans to stay in business and push the image of women up, not down.

Local daycare owner, Tracy Miles is also part of the group. She says the name of business should tell customers who you are.

"My slogan is where every child is a precious jewel, and it coincided with the name Tracy's Tiny Treasures," says Miles.

Miles says she just wants to help Evans be successful. But despite the controversy, Fat Ho Burgers was booming Tuesday. Nearly 100 customers showed up, and workers say it has to be the name.

Evans says all the talk seems to be good for business.

"They can butt in or whatever. That's just free publicity. They are just making me higher. Besides. I didn't advertise myself, and people just came," said Evans.

Some, like one Waco Native living in L.A., Shelley Littleton, say the name hurts women.

Littleton has gone so far as to offer free business consulting if Evans changes the name, even challenging others in the community to do the same.

So far, Fat Ho Burgers hasn't hasn't budged.




Fat Ho - 2011-03-25
They have a facebook page. Check it out, funny names for burgers.
by Belinda Strauch

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