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March 23rd, 2011
Pole Dancing for Jesus

Pole Dancing For Jesus . . . What Would Jesus Tip?

There may be a good Christian message buried somewhere in here . . . but still, on the list of ways to pay homage to our good friend JESUS, this CAN'T be very high.

There's an aerobics studio in Houston, Texas called Best Shape of Your Life Studios, and they're offering a class called POLE DANCING FOR JESUS.

It's every other Sunday . . . for women only . . . and you have to bring a church program to get in.  The women in the class are fully-clothed and pole dance to Christian rock music.

The studio says they're trying to take the whole "pole dancing is for strippers" stigma away . . . it's actually a good way to get in shape, build self-esteem, and, yep, celebrate the body that God gave you.

The actual video of the club isn't too pretty, so, instead...here is "Pole Dancing to Personal Jesus" 
You're Welcome.



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