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March 18th, 2011
Fill-In-The-Blank News!

HOUSTON - A woman is in jail after police say she allowed her 20-month-old child to drink the alcoholic beverage Four Loko and left the child unattended.
Lashawanda Allen, 32, has been charged with endangering a child, a felony offense. Officers and emergency personnel came to Allen's home Feb. 21 after a call to police.
One officer said Allen would not allow her child to be taken to the hospital when police and emergency personnel first arrived to her apartment unit on Yale Street near Patrick Street in northwest Houston, according to the probable cause statement in the case against Allen. She later allowed the child to be taken to LBJ General Hospital.
Tests at the hospital determined the baby had a blood alcohol content of 0.09 from consuming the Four Loko.
Allen's roommate told police Allen had walked away to a neighboring building and left the door to their apartment unit unlocked, according to the probable cause statement. The roommate, identified in the statement as Enriquetta Elias, also told police Allen told her the 20-month-old child was drunk.
Elias also said found Allen's 4-month-old daughter hanging off a bed with a sheet tangled around her waist.
A neighbor found the 20-month-old child near the apartment complex parking lot apparently intoxicated and falling down, which prompted the neighbor to contact an ambulance.
Allen told police she was drinking Four Loko while her children were asleep and she later fell asleep. After Allen she woke up, she found the 20-month-old child on the floor with the empty alcoholic beverage can, according to the statement. She told police she did not want to call an ambulance because she did not want to get in trouble and lose custody of her children.
Friends of the mother defended her. They say Allen is a good parent.
"She's going through postpartum. It's not that she didn't love her girls because she did," neighbor Creshenna Abraham said.
Allen also has 3 other daughters not involved in the case. The grandmother of those children said she has known Allen for 14 years.
"I mean she's been a good mother. Always kept her house right, kept her kids up," Bonita Crawford said. 




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