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March 17th, 2011
O'Lyin' or Aren't Ya Lyin?

It's time for another round of Fact or Bullcrap.  We give you a statement, you tell us whether it's a FACT, or whether it's BULLCRAP.  Today's topic is St. Patrick's Day.  Here we go:

#1.)  According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the most leaves ever found on a clover is nine.
Bullcrap:  The record-setting clover had 18 leaves.  (--Check it out here.)

#2.)  Each leaf of a four-leaf clover represents a different quality.  The fourth leaf represents luck, which is why four-leaf clovers are considered lucky.
Fact:  Leaf one is for hope.  The second leaf is for faith, and the third is for love.

#3.)  McDonald's Shamrock Shakes are kosher.
Bullcrap:  There's also a rumor that they're vegan.  Also untrue.

#4.)  A 16 ounces, the McDonald's Shamrock Shake has more calories than a Big Mac.
Fact:  It has 550 calories, compared to 540 for a Big Mac. 

#5.)  Shamrock Shakes started as a charity fundraiser, organized by the Philadelphia Eagles.
Fact:  The daughter of one of their players had leukemia, and the money raised built the first Ronald McDonald House.

#6.)  St. Patrick wasn't Irish.
Fact:  He was born in Britain and sold into slavery in Ireland.

#7.)  Chicago residents pay about a half a cent tax on every beer they buy in a bar to help pay for the annual St. Patrick's Day tradition of dying the river green.  
Bullcrap:  Turning the river green is privately funded.

#8.)  St. Patrick's Day was originally associated with the color blue, not green.
Fact:  Blue was the color associated with the saint, but when the holiday became more associated with Irish heritage than the man, the color changed to green.

#9.)  According to legend, female leprechauns are the only ones that actually have pots of gold.
Bullcrap:  There is no such thing as a female leprechaun.

#10.)  A leprechaun's pot of gold is always full.  If you take any gold out, it magically refills
Bullcrap:  A leprechaun's pot has one gold coin for each year of his age. 



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