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March 14th, 2011
Criminalz Iz Stoopd

Couple Charged After Ring Picture Posted On Facebook

TRAFFORD, Pa. -- Police in Westmoreland County said a picture posted on Facebook connected a young couple with stolen jewelry in Trafford.

The owner of the jewelry, valued at more than $13,000, said she noticed it was missing Sunday morning.

According to the criminal complaint, police said a roommate invited friends over the night before, including 21-year-old Robert Driscoll and his girlfriend, 20-year-old Crystal Yamnitzky.

A friend told police Yamnitzky later posted a picture of a 3-carat ring on her Facebook page with the caption, "Look what Robbie gave me, I love him so much."

Police said the post was eventually deleted.

When investigators questioned Yamnitzky, they said she told them her boyfriend had taken the ring to be re-sized.

Police said they later learned Driscoll had actually taken that $12,000 ring and the rest of the jewelry to the Gold Buyers of Pittsburgh.

Surveillance video allegedly shows Driscoll selling it all for just $250.

He's now charged with theft while Yamnitzky faces conspiracy and receiving stolen property charges. 



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