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March 7th, 2011
Peek-A-Boo Gone Bad

Natalie Williamson and her husband say they are outraged after the flight to Sydney from Fiji, during which a male cabin crewmember picked up their son Riley and put him into an overhead locker and closed the latch for about 10 seconds.

Virgin Blue acknowledges the boy was indeed put into the overhead locker, but said the flight attendant was participating in a game of peek-a-boo that the boy had been playing. It has responded by terminating the employee and has offered the Williamsons free travel on Virgin Blue. An airline spokeswoman said that an internal investigation had been conducted.

Ms Williamson said that she was in shock and has cried for ‘days on end’ following the incident. She and Riley have been to a number of specialists since the ordeal to address concerns of anxiety and withdrawal. Riley will not leave the sight of his mother anymore, according to the Williamsons, who said that anytime he’s in another room he’ll begin shouting for his mother.

An airline official said that the company had issued a formal apology and had given them flight credit for the entire cost of the Fiji flights. The spokesman added that safety was the airline’s top priority and any breaches would not be tolerated.




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