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March 1st, 2011
Your Tax Dollars Will Be Financing Haitians Home Mortgages

These people don't even have a tent yet and our sage 'leaders' are pointing them toward debt!

Haiti Home mortgages will become available to much of the Haitian public for the first time under a new program funded by international donors (i.e. your tax dollars), former U.S. President Bill Clinton said Monday after a meeting of the earthquake reconstruction commission he co-chairs with Haiti's prime minister.

The new program will include "micro-mortgages" so that even very poor people can get financing to buy a house, Clinton said, outlining the program in brief remarks to reporters after the meeting at a hotel in the Haitian capital, which is still largely in ruins more than a year after the devastating earthquake.

Details of the program weren't provided.

The Interim Haiti Recovery Commission, also presided over by Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive, is deciding how to spend the billions in aid pledged for reconstruction in a country where more than 500,000 people whose homes were destroyed in the quake are still living in dismal tent camps and shantytowns.

"I'm optimistic but it is not going to be easy," Clinton said.




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