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March 11th, 2010
Spend it like it's not yours

February is the month we set a new record for our highest monthly budget deficit: $220.9 Billion. Obama thinks huge deficits are necessary to get us out of recession. So far our record setting wasteful spending hasn't helped our high unemployment. I wouldn't worry though, Obama has an 18 member panel focused on "fiscal reform"set to take on the enormous deficits he's creating. Hey panel, tell him to stop spending.

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Hey Big Spenders - 2010-03-11
Please, please, please....if anyone has heard of ANY stories involving Rahm Emanuel and Barney Frank arguing in the nude in the shower area, I DO NOT want to hear about them.
by Jim Bob

Mr - 2010-03-11
I think if states like Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma would start threatning to pull out of the union and name our own president, then maybe we could really begain to make some changes in this country. If it would really happen, then we cold have another sound country of our own sonded on the falues our fore fathers started with.
by doug

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