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March 1st, 2011
This is the Smell of Going Green!

Over the past five years, San Francisco has spent $100 MILLION upgrading its sewers and sewage treatment plants and pushing for low-flow toilets, in an effort to waste less water and make the whole poopin' process more green.

And while it's good for the environment, it hasn't been such a smooth transition.

Turns out that having less water involved in the whole poop-flushing process has led to portions of the city swimming in a strong FECAL aroma.

The city's Public Utilities Commission has to get the city to stop smelling so fecal, so now, they've started a new plan . . . they're going to pour $14 MILLION worth of bleach into the sewage system to disinfect the water.

And if you think that pouring 8.5 million pounds of bleach into the water every year doesn't seem particularly environmentally-friendly . . . a lot of the people of San Francisco agree with you.

Environmentalists are asking the city to consider an option besides bleach, like hydrogen peroxide . . . which would make the water safer as it gets dumped back into the San Francisco Bay.




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