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February 21st, 2011
A Woman Is Upset When Her Mom's Photo Appears on "People of Walmart"

So you find an embarrassing photo of yourself or a loved one online.  You feel awful.  You want the website to remove it, destroy it, and make sure no one sees it.  Basically, you want the photo to go away as quickly and quietly as possible.

And for a woman in Michigan, her solution for making that happen was . . . to call the local FOX station and end up turning this whole thing into an international news story.

Melanie Wheeler of Ypsilanti, Michigan found out that a picture of her mother appeared on the website PeopleOfWalmart.com.  If you're not familiar, that's a site where people send in photos of CRAZY LOOKING PEOPLE at their local Walmarts.

Considering the photos that usually show up on the site, the one of Melanie's mom wasn't so bad:  She's wearing a long, stonewashed denim trench coat and her blonde hair seems to mullet down the back of it.  Her face is obscured.

But Melanie freaked out.  Rather than notice that People of Walmart says, quote, "Simply email us and we will take down [a picture of you], no problem" . . . she called Detroit's FOX affiliate to complain about the photo.  The story made the news.

People of Walmart took the photo down, which IS what Melanie SAYS she wanted.  But before they could take it down, the story spread around the Internet, and drew FAR more attention to the photo than it ever would've or should've gotten. 




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