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February 15th, 2011
Do I Smell Bacon?

The woman here is 30-year-old Jerrie Perkins of Pontiac, Michigan . . . who's five-foot-two and tips the scales at an UNTHINKABLY SEXY 400 POUNDS. 

Last week, Jerrie was riding her motorized cart through a Meijer grocery store in Rochester Hills, Michigan . . . and shoplifting everything in sight.

She'd jammed more than $600 worth of merchandise into her cart . . . mostly electronics . . . when she decided to make a run for it.  And by "run," we mean a slow, slow ride out the door.

There was only one problem.  SHE GOT STUCK.  In the door.  Just as all her stolen merchandise was setting off the alarm.
When she got stuck, it gave the store employees a chance to run over and see why the alarm was going off.  And also, possibly, to help get her unstuck.  But mostly because of the alarm.

They found the stolen merchandise and called the cops.  When they arrived, Jerrie got loose . . . and they ended up having to use the TASER on her when she cocked her fist to take a swing at one of them.
She was arrested and charged with unarmed robbery, resisting and obstructing a police officer, and second-degree retail fraud 



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