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February 15th, 2011
Does This Mean Knife Banning Should Begin

A relative of the maniac behind last week's stabbing spree says the family's only consolation is that his grandparents are already dead.

"Thank God our parents weren't alive to see this because it would have killed them," said Maksim Gelman's uncle, Alexsander Gelman.

He said Maksim's mother hasn't been able to function since the rampage - which began with the knifing death of her husband and left three other people dead.

"It was a monstrous act," the uncle said. "He destroyed our family and their families. This was not the child I knew. This was a monster.

"He will be locked up forever," he added. "No one knows why he did this. It's unspeakable."

Neighbors say Gelman was a notorious graffiti vandal and drug dealer with a taste for angel dust. He has 10 arrests dating to 2003.

His most recent run-in was a drug bust in January. He was also issued a summons in July 2010 for being in a city park after hours.

In January 2009 he was busted for trying to solicit oral sex from an undercover cop. Officers found 23 bags of cocaine hidden in a Lexus belonging to his parents.

He later pleaded guilty to a minor drug possession charge and paid a fine.

The only charge against Gelman that hinted at violence came in September 2007 when he allegedly pulled a switchblade on another graffiti artist and stole his paint and camera. The victim refused to testify and the case was dropped.

His 28-hour orgy of violence was apparently sparked by his obsession with a striking young woman, Yelena Bulchenko, 20, who was killed along with her mother Anna, 56.




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