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February 14th, 2011
If You Think Whites are The One's Perpetuating Racism

That man will NEVER even be nominated...let alone run for pres, not even my dog will support this idiot...he seems to be a good little Uncle Tom, but if he ever DARED to run we'll see how fast those racist pigs hes brown-nosing to will put a damn knife in his back...see when your an Uncle Tom, you have to know your place with "the Massa"...im sure he knows this.

  Herman Cane is contemplating running for President, so he's trying to shore up the white vote by saying something provocative. And although he didn't exactly say what the MTO title attributes to him (according to the article/video), he does give off a 'house n-word' vibe, when he speaks.

Well, let's set the record straight. Stupid people ARE ruining America. The
"ations" are ruining America. And nobody is racist for hating Obama, yes it is
Patriotic in a sense. HOWEVER. The "right" and "left" / "liberals" and
"conservatives" DON'T EXIST. Not to sure if this guy is aware of it. The
government is still ONE body and the people are still ONE body and it will
ALWAYS be US vs. THEM and anyone who doesn't understand that (95% of you) is
stupid and is ruining America.

This guy, he is a PLANT, and he is set in place to light the fire under the
stupid people's ass. He's here to tell you: DON'T FIGHT US! FIGHT EACH OTHER!

Black people!!!! We all say it all the time! "Why should the White man care
about killing us when we do it to ourselves?!?!?!" Right??? Right. Is that
not a social construct? Of course it is, Black on Black violence is a social
construct created to keep Black people down. The American public is much like
the collective Black public, and the reason why? Because the American public is
INTENTIONALLY pitted against each other to KEEP US DOWN, just like the Black
community. You think the MILLIONAIRES give a shyt about health care reform,
fixing schools and streets and building infrastructure and feeding the hungry?
DO YOU REALLY think that? You think Barack Obama CARES? You think George Bush
CARES? ABOUT US??? THEY DON'T! REGARDLESS as to the color of their skin, they
HATE us - US!! The American PEOPLE, they HATE US. It is and will always be US
VS THEM and how do you win that? Well, "they" have already won, folks. How can
WE win a battle when we don't even realize we're fighting in a war? Friends?
Anyone care to wake up now? It's been a long time sleeping - they put all this
shyt in our way to keep us asleep - media, entertainment industry, social
networking, LIES about the government, LIES about a party divide, LIES about
terrorism. To say that's a conspiracy theory is laughable. To say that is like
denying a broken bone. Motherfcuker you know you're hurting, so stop living in
denial. There is NO REASON for half the shyt that goes on and yet you all
silently accept it because you have been taught that it is NORMAL. Nothing
that is happening is normal - it's sick. It's sick that people refuse to wake
up. But reality is reality, and in reality, two parties don't exist. It's US

The people gave him a standing ovation because they found they house nygga.

For the Republicans who keep talking about taxes and how business is good for
the deficit.

Just what happened to Texas? They have a bigger deficit than California I think.
And the only reason it isn't bigger is because they got billions of stimulus

Almost 28 billion dollars in the hole and instead of raising taxes or taxing
businesses, they're cutting education.

LOL....just watch the clip.....all I can say is wow....aint it funny how thye
always manage to find a "kept" southern knows his place negro to come in there and
pay BS..lip service....how Do I know hes southern??/ listen to him pronounce
our....R "er..ignorant country swamp running barefoot Ninja.....

Stupid people are ruining America. George W Bush, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann.
By jove, Cain is on to something.

This is your typical house negroe trying to appeal to his massa. Folks we need to
direct our guns on black folks like him and Allen West because they're just as bad
if not worst than David Duke.

Oh, He just want a pat on the head from Massah. The Repulicans are the ones that destroyed this country and they still talking worthless smack!




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