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February 14th, 2011
Fact Or Bullcrap: Valentine's Day Edition

We give you a statement, you tell us whether it's a FACT, or whether it's BULLCRAP.  Here we go:

#1.)  Catholics are supposed to go to church on St. Valentine's Day.
Bullcrap:  The pope removed it from the calendar of Holy Days back in 1969.  

#2.)  There was no actual person named St. Valentine.
Fact:  Valentine comes from the Latin word meaning "worthy, strong, and powerful", and there were actually three different saints who were described as valentine.

#3.)  The idea of celebrating romantic love on Valentine's Day came from the 14th century poet Chaucer, who made up a pretend holiday, then convinced readers it was real.
Fact:  He's the same Chaucer who wrote "Canterbury Tales", which you may have suffered through in English class. 

#4.)  The idea of sending Valentine's cards came from an imprisoned priest who sent secret messages to his girlfriend on the outside.
Bullcrap:  This legend was apparently created by the American Greetings card company.

#5.)  The woman who invented mass-produced Valentine's cards got the idea at age 19, when one of her dad's friends hit on her.
Fact:  Esther Howland got a handmade Valentine card from one of her dad's pervert friends in 1847 and got the idea of mass-producing paper and lace cards.

#6.)  More e-cards are sent on Valentine's Day than paper cards. 
Bullcrap:  Only about 15 million e-cards are sent, less than 10% of the total Valentine's cards.

#7.)  Four out of every five Valentine cards given in the U.S. are in grade-school classrooms. 
Fact:  About a billion Valentines are exchanged each year, but more than 800 million of them are given as part of class Valentine exchanges.  

#8.)  In Korea, there is a holiday on the 14th of every month to celebrate love.
Fact:  Starting in January, the holidays are:  Candle Day, Valentine's Day, White Day, Black Day, Rose Day, Kiss Day, Silver Day, Green Day, Music Day, Wine Day, Movie Day, and Hug Day.

#9.)  According to early Roman myths, Cupid used his bow and arrows to kill romantic rivals out of jealousy.
Bullcrap:  We totally made that up.

#10.)  Cupid is often depicted as a small boy, but in early Roman myths, he was an adult who was cursed by a rival god and given extremely small genitalia, which is why he tries to get other people to fall in love instead of hooking up himself.
Bullcrap:  We made that one up too.  



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