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February 14th, 2011
The End-All List of Last minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

According to Ibis World Research, Americans will spend $18.6 Billion to say “I Love You” this year on Valentine’s (the average is $125/person, which is up 6% from last year).

Yes, it's absurd, and we all bitch about it...but, it's one of life's necassary evils. 

Top 3 Tips to Coming Out Smelling Like Roses, Late in the Game:

First: You're running out of time so get started early in the day!!

Second: Get a little creative and find a gift that means something to her/him.

Third: Think about what your significant wants or needs, and have fun with your card and gift. (Sometimes spending and extra 5-minutes on what you write in the card will save your ass entirely.)

Okay, Since you want to go a little deeper than candy or flowers, here are some romantic gifts with thought that cost much less than $125.00.

1. Sexy Gifts – “Massage Oil and a book on romantic massage techniques”
(This package could be a great gift if you’re a very affectionate couple and/or trying to give them a big hint.)

2. Sports Stuff - “Favorite sports team sweatshirt / jersey” is always a great gift if your guy is a sports fanatic.
You can pick up everything from a sports team hat, t-shirt, or socks at any ESPN Sports Zone (advice from a bachelor, can you tell?)
Throw a little extra spice on it by taking cute, sexy pictures of you wearing his favorite teams gear.

3. Gadgets and Games – For Guys; they LOVE toys so you can always get him an Xbox, iPod, Smart Phone, “whatever gadget he doesn’t have”
(Warning: Don’t get too carried away with gadgets if your relationship is new. If you go too overboard, you might break your bank and/or make him feel awkward.)

4. Magazine Subscription, Subscription to her favorite website/ retailer, Credit at her favorite store. -  More personal than a gift card. (this gift doesn't work alone very well though, it's better as part of a gift package.)

5. Museum Afternoon Delight – Take your babe to an unexpected place during lunch. Plan ahead so that the surprise doesn’t backfire with scheduling conflicts, and then watch them be pleasantly surprised by the break in the routine.”

6. Favorite Bottle - “A bottle of his favorite single malt or high-end drink (not to be shared.)”
or her favorite wine. 
(If they're not a drinker, try anything that is a favorite food that is a special treat versus everyday thing.)

7. Sports Car Dreams - “Rent the sports car of his dreams for a weekend or day.” (This goes for any extraordinary experience your Valentine has expressed interest in.)

8. Event Gifts – Tickets to a sports event, concert or other special event that you know she/he likes. (Memories with meaning are always great gifts. If you can't get the tickets in time, give them a card with a hand-made coupon for the tickets.)

9. Go for the untraditional -  Rather than hitting the nearly bare Valentine gift section of the store, try shooting for the DVDs instead. Plan a whole romantic night by purchasing a romantic movie, microwave popcorn and comfy blanket. Bring them home to your sweets in a nice, and easy, gift bag. The thought will make it seem planned.

10. Get out of Jail Free Card - "Get out of free coupon" for getting into hot water :)” (Everybody should get a few of these cards in a relationship because we all make mistakes, as long as the mistake is not too big :)

Remember; Make an event. Think back to your first date. Where did you go with your Valentine? For a last minute Valentine gift with a big impact work to recreate that first date or first encounter.

If your first date was less than interesting, cover up your lack of a Valentine gift with a flood of loving gestures. Give them a great massage, mixed CD or a loving poem; It will give you something to listen to during dinner.
If all else fails, you can still have flowers delivered.

However, they only have impact when they are delivered to your Valentine's work place. Just be ready for the sticker shock.






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