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February 10th, 2011
South Carolina State Senator Said it All...

South Carolina State Senator: Brothers Don’t Work As Hard As Mexicans

South Carolina State Senator Robert Ford is against an Arizona-style anti-immigration reform bill because he believes Mexicans are needed for the work force and work harder than blacks and whites.

“I know brothers — and I’m talking about black guys — they are not going to do the dirty work at Boeing, to do that hauling and all that building, that dirty work,” Ford said.

He went on to say that “brothers” do not want to perform hard work. “A brother is going to find ways to take a break,” he said.

He later made a comment about “blue-eyed brothers” also not wanting to work hard.

The bill would turn South Carolina into Arizona.

The bill would require police officers to check the immigration status of people they arrest, stop for a traffic violation or question on suspicion of breaking the law. The legislation also would give residents the ability to sue their police and sheriff’s departments if they believe the local law enforcement officials are ignoring the state mandate.

Those opposed to the Arizona- style bill believe it will encourage racial profiling. The bill attempts to guard against that by forbidding law enforcement to stop someone because of their race or national origin.

Ford has a history of racially charged comments. In 2007 he said Barack Obama would drag down the Democratic ticket. 



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