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February 9th, 2011
We're All Narcissistic Whores

43% of People Say the Best Way To Get Over a Break-Up Is To Have Some Quick, Random Rebound Relations

According to a new survey, nothing cures depression over a break-up like IMMEDIATELY bouncing back and finding yourself face-to-face with some new, strange genitalia.

Zagat just released the results of their annual survey on dating and one of their questions was "What's the best way to move on from a break-up?"

The number one answer, with 43% of the vote, was "have a rebound fling."

Crying and listening to sad music finished second, at 17% . . . drowning your sorrows in alcohol got 13% . . . burning your ex's stuff got 5% . . . and hooking up with his or her best friend got 1%.  (--The rest were miscellaneous answers.)

The survey also found that 21% of people say they've dumped someone over email . . . 11% have done it over text message . . . 8% have left a break-up voicemail . . . and 2% have ended things over Facebook.

Here are some other findings from the survey . . .

34% of people now prefer to set up dates ANY way other than actually making a phone call . . . email, text, social networking, anything.

84% of people said that intelligence is the most important characteristic in someone they're dating.  Personality was second at 82% and sense of humor was third at 81%.  63% of people were honest enough to say attractiveness matters.
The most popular way to meet someone was being setup by friends or family.  Online was second, a random encounter was third, through hobbies and activities was fourth, work was fifth, and bars came in last.

The most popular place for a first date is a restaurant.  Coffee came in second . . . a bar came in third . . . a party came in fourth . . . and an outdoor activity came in fifth.

The biggest deal breaker is . . . geographic compatibility.  43% of people say they won't date outside their local area.  Geography was more important than income, nationality, religion, age, and political views.

66% of people say it's rude to text on a date.  Only 28% say it's bad to check out someone else when you're on a date . . . and only 20% say it's bad to show up late.

Only 2% of the people surveyed said that they're waiting until marriage to have sex.  87% say they have relations, quote, "whenever it feels right."



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