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March 9th, 2010
Bulls Don't Like Being Tased

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo...Houston's pride and a Texas tradition.

Anything under the everlovin' sun can be seen here; just about anything on four legs, cowboys and girls in tight jeans and cowboy hats, roller coaster packed carnival, petting zoo, mechanical bulls, live bulls, live bulls being tased.  Ok, the last one is a new feature, and one not likely to return.  The mild report given by the Houston Chronicle gives an account, but not the whole story...thanks to covert 10%ers; here is the W&J EXCLUSIVE:

   The bull was walking around the large entrance area to the stadium on the north side of the stadium where he had gotten out from. The pick up men were trying to rope him and he started to walk thru the small passage way by security. Weeeeeell the genius county sheriffs at that gate said what the hell lets taze his ass. I don't care who tells you that a tazer will bring down a 2000 lb bull but they are very very wrong even when you taze him twice. That big M F jumped straight up and was madder than all hell. That bull didn't step on a girl's foot smooth ran her little narrow ass over. The guy that got thrown was one of the genius' that tazed him. They finally roped over by the Reliant Center.



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