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February 2nd, 2011
They Took The Christ Out of Christmas

 In Rhode Island last June, eight-year-old David Morales wore a hat to school with an American flag on it and with toy soldiers (representing American soldiers) as a way of honoring U.S. troops. The hat was banned. Why? The tiny plastic soldiers held even tinier toy guns — and that violated the school’s policy of zero tolerance of weapons.

Are children and teachers allowed to wear religious symbols to class?

 In Texas City,Texas, last May, Christian Thompson was prohibited from wearing a cross at Blocker Middle School. The New District High School in San Fernando, California, has banned crosses (as symbols of torture), WWJD ("What Would Jesus Do?") bracelets, and “Choose the Right” rings worn by LDS members.

The Christian Bible has also been banned from the school library...

Christmas Pageants replaced with 'Winter Showcases'...

Biased secular respect has been a pink elephant in the classroom, but, when the  Plymouth-Canton school district opted to allow Sikh students to wear a small, religious daggers to school, religious bitch-slapping has begun!

The decision reverses a ban put in place in December after a fourth-grade boy at Bentley Elementary School in Canton was found with a dull 3- to 5-inch kirpan, a dagger that is a religious symbol baptized Sikh males are expected to carry.

In Sikh tradition, the kirpan represents a commitment to fight evil.

The principal initially let the boy keep the kirpan, but the school board instituted a ban because of concerns from parents and conflicts with the district's prohibitions against bringing weapons to school. Under new guidelines, kirpans meeting certain criteria will be allowed for Sikh students.

"While our school district is committed to providing a safe learning environment for all of our students, we must also balance the rights of students to express and practice their religion. In light of the strict scrutiny standard applied by Michigan courts in determining whether an individual's right to freely exercise his or her religion has been violated, the district will amend its blanket restriction against wearing the kirpan in school," according to a note the district sent to parents on Friday.




- 2011-02-02
Total a holes on that .ban it all or none wake up u jackasses.this until i die will be AMERICA
by mark

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