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January 31st, 2011
The Tale of the Sweaty Butt-Sniffer

If this is true, there's something so pathetic about this next guy's fetish . . . and the ridiculous way he subjected women to it in public . . . that it's almost touching.  Almost.
Last week, authorities in Seattle officially charged 46-year-old Duane Starkenburg for taking, quote, "indecent liberties."  That's legal talk for being a suspected pervert.  Here's what Duane supposedly did.

He'd hit up a local park in West Seattle . . . hang out and watch women jogging with their dogs . . . follow them and get behind them . . . then pretend to slip and fake-fall . . . all so he could press his face up against their buttocks.
Then he'd apologize and say it was an accident.  He did it a couple times last year, in August and December, and then again last Tuesday, when he was finally arrested.

In the December incident, the female jogger told the cops, quote, "His nose went up in my butt . . . I was very shocked."

After his arrest, Duane told the cops that he goes to the park every day to watch women run, since he likes to watch them, quote, "jiggle and bounce."  And that, quote, "It's not like I drag the women into the bushes and rape them."

On Wednesday, Duane pleaded not guilty in the most recent incident, and he was released the next day after his parents posted his $150,000 bail.  He wasn't charged in the two previous incidents.

After he got out, he told reporters that in his defense, quote, "I met a woman three years ago and fell in love with her.  We've been together ever since.  I have never even touched her once, without her coming out of the shower."

(Seattle PI)

(--Just spit-balling here, but if Duane has an agreement with the love of his life that he can't  so much as TOUCH her unless she's coming directly out of the shower . . . wouldn't that explain his fetish for sweaty jogger butt?) 



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