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January 26th, 2011
Cookies are Everbody's Favorite Dessert

And now, some very important news on DESSERT TRENDS.  Which, in a way, are the only trends we're ALL interested in.

According to a new survey, as usual, COOKIES are still the most popular homemade dessert in the country.  But there are other desserts making strong moves too.

82% of people surveyed said they baked cookies last year.

Cakes are the second-most popular, at 74% . . . that's up 17% since the same survey in 2008.

Brownies are third-most popular, at 73% . . . up 18% from 2008.

And cupcakes are fourth-most popular, at 52% . . . up 15% from 2008.

But the big winner might be pie.  41% of people baked a pie at home last year, which is fifth place . . . but Americans ordered 12 million more slices of pie at restaurants in 2010 than we did in 2009.

Pastries are the least-popular homemade dessert . . . only 17% of people surveyed baked them last year.   



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