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January 24th, 2011
Sheila Jackson Lee Song




Sheila JL and Maxine Waters - 2018-01-27
If y’all don’t have a Maxine Waters song like the SJL Southern/White Boys Song, ya’ ought to give it some thought. I bet there’s enough material there for a good old fashioned double album. But keep it short. We’re already getting tired of all this winning!
by Richard Buller

Sheila Jackson Lee Song - 2018-01-27
Trying to share this little gem with my friends on Red Raider Sports, but can’t get it to play using the link: http://www.waltonandjohnson.com/showarchives.html?n_id=1320. All hail the Radio Gawds!!!!! Guns Up Fellas!!!!!!
by Richard Buller

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