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January 21st, 2011
Donald Trump for Commander in Chief

He's not exactly throwing his hat in the ring yet, but real estate mogul Donald Trump told Fox News on Tuesday that he's giving his first serious consideration to running for president in 2012.

Trump, who said that America has lost global respect, said he's been asked to run as a Reform Party candidate before but if he were to give it a go, he'd be on the Republican ticket.

"I'm a Republican so if I did anything, I'd do it, I guess, as a Republican," Trump said. "I'm totally being serious because I can't stand what's happening to the country. First time I am being serious about it. I've been asked for years to do it. And I had no interest. This is the first time I am -- at least I'm considering it. That doesn't say I'm going to do it ...  but I am seriously considering it."

Trump openly discussed the option after Time magazine reported that somebody had been polling New Hampshire residents on possible 2012 presidential candidates -- the survey included dozens of questions about Trump.

Trump told Fox News the poll wasn't his and he didn't pay for it, but said he hears the results are "amazing." He suggested he has the "common sense" and, most importantly, the "finesse" to be commander-in-chief.

"I think my whole life has sort of been about finesse when you get right down to it. I mean it's -- what running a country is, is to a certain extent we have to bring principle back and we have to also bring common sense back," Trump said. "We have no common sense. We have no common sense. And we're losing this country. Mark my words, if we keep going this way, we're losing this country. It will no longer be great. It's not respected to anywhere near what it used to be.


As Washington returns to normalcy after the pomp and circumstance of Wednesday's state dinner, businessman - and perennial "maybe" presidential candidate - Donald Trump isn't happy about the night's festivities.

He called in to "Fox & Friends" and unleashed. "For us to be holding state dinners for people who are just totally manipulating their currency ... is hard to believe," said Trump.

"You don't give dinners to the enemy and that's what they're doing." 



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