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January 18th, 2011

Here's What Happens When You Go Jogging on Train Tracks with Headphones On...

You might consider this next story a tragedy, since an innocent teenager's life was cut short.  And you'd be right.  You might also feel the word 'tragic' should be reserved for events that don't involve high levels of deliberate stupidity.  Right there too.

This past Friday afternoon, 18-year-old Amanda Byrne went jogging in Rowe, New Mexico.  That's a small community half-an-hour southeast of Santa Fe.

Amanda made two poor decisions during her jog:  First, she decided to jog along the local railroad tracks.  Not across them, ON the tracks themselves. 

Second, she decided to listen to music on her headphones . . . while wearing a headband that covered her ears.

Unfortunately for Amanda, the train tracks that afternoon were also being used by the westbound Amtrak Southwest Chief train, carrying about 125 passengers from Chicago to Los Angeles.

According to local authorities, the engineer driving the train saw Amanda as he approached her from behind, and made several attempts to alert her by sounding the horn.  He also applied the emergency brakes.  But there wasn't enough time.
Amanda continued jogging on the tracks, the train was unable to avoid hitting her, and she was killed.




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