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January 12th, 2011
W&J Were Right..Again

The Golden-Voiced Homeless Guy Was Detained By the Police In Los Angeles
Last week, 53-year-old TED WILLIAMS went from homeless to famous, thanks to a video that showed off his slick radio voice.  He's received tons of job offers since then, even though he's got a pretty extensive rap sheet. 

Time to pull out the rap sheet again.

Ted's in L.A. for media appearances, and on Monday night, someone called the LAPD after he got into a loud argument in a Hollywood hotel with his daughter Janey (--pronounced Jen-NAY).

It basically started out as some kind of family gathering, and the bickering developed into a shouting match . . . possibly fueled by alcohol. 

Janey says Ted has relapsed into his alcohol-abusing ways, and that he's been drinking a bottle of vodka a night.

Ted says his daughter hit him and scratched his face, but he was led away in handcuffs, and they were both held at a Hollywood police station for a couple hours. 

They were both released, and neither was arrested.

Before he became instantly famous, Ted had problems with drugs and alcohol and has been arrested at least a dozen times.  He's served time for theft, forgery, and drug possession.   



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