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January 11th, 2011
A Man Is Suing Because His Penis Enlarger Didn't Work

Sometimes they just write themselves, folks.  A man in Canada is suing a company for selling him a faulty PENILE ENLARGER.  And he's suing them in . . . SMALL claims court.

The guy's name and age weren't released . . . probably out of mercy . . . but he lives in Granby, Canada, in southwestern Quebec.  He bought a device called the X4 Extender Deluxe from a Montreal company called HotGVibe.  It cost him $262.

Well, he says he used the enlarger for FIVE HUNDRED HOURS . . . and it didn't make any difference on the size of his package.  He told a paper he was hoping to get up to, quote, "average size [of] a little more than six inches."

So he's suing HotGVibe in small claims court for $762 . . . $262 for the device and $500 for moral and punitive damages.

A judge is going to deliver a verdict within the next six weeks.

(Canadians are Weird Source)



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