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March 2nd, 2010
B O H I C A America

BO, Nancy, and Harry are preparing to shove the 2400 page leviathan government take over of our your health care down the liberty loving American throat (for our own good).    I just makes sense with their track record.   US Postal Service broke...Amtrak broke...Medicare...broke..Social Security broke...Medicaid broke...Fannie Mae...broke....   Why not let them take a crack at the best health care system in the world so it can be converted into an entitlement for the indolent BO voters ?   The logic just resonates does it not ?



Filibuster - 2010-03-06
If the Democrats pass Obamacare with 51 votes, they need to be put on notice that the GOP will filibuster EVERY piece of legislation or Obama appointment until the November elections, just like Senator Bunning recently did with the PayGo-related bill.
by Jim Bob

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