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March 2nd, 2010
WJ Spring Break

WJ are in an undisclosed location (Hell...maybe their own homes) to prepare their powerful minds for the battles yet to come.  For now Sarah and Josh are in command and you will enjoy (yes damnit enjoy) previously aired segments of the show.  Some say they are even better the second time around.  Live lambasting returns March 8th.



great ones - 2010-03-06
u make my morning go by better at work. love listening to all of u. u all r nuts but keep it up. rock on!!!
by manuel

Hey if obama gets vacation so do the Radio Gawds! - 2010-03-04
by Duane

Obummer - 2010-03-04
Wha, wha, what, what you need to do , is get back to work. Hold on, hold on....
by Jim Bob

BigWhtPony - 2010-03-04
You guys are absent more often than a certain black mayor from New Orleans. Too much time off is not a good thing. Get back to work!
by BigWhtPony

Lazy Ass - 2010-03-03
What the dush man? I dont like to listen to your old show but I guess I have no other choice.
by Glenn Snedden

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