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January 5th, 2011
Fact Or Bullcrap

Here we go:

#1.)  Cab fares were originally considered taxes, which is where the taxi cab got its name.
Bullcrap:  The device that measures time and distance to calculate the fare was called a taximeter, and that's what taxis were named after.

#2.)  The red juice in raw meat is not actually blood.
Fact:  The blood is all removed during slaughter.  The red stuff is a muscle protein mixed with water.   

#3.)  Buttons were put on sleeves to stop soldiers from wiping their faces.
Fact:  Both Frederick the Great and Napoleon have been given credit for the idea. 

#4.)  An NBA player is twice as likely to have a tattoo as an average person.
Bullcrap:  NBA players are six times more likely to have one.  

#5.)  Dolphins jump out of the water to save energy.
Fact:  It's easier for them to travel through air than through water, and jumping takes less energy than swimming the same distance.

#6.)  In order to type as fast as people speak, you'd have to be able to type 180 words a minute.
Bullcrap:  The average person speaks at 120 words per minute. 

#7.)  Houses in Siberia are built on stilts drilled into the ice to anchor them in place.
Fact:  The permafrost ice surface is too unstable for building.  

#8.)  Humans are the fastest animal that runs on two legs. 
Bullcrap:  The ostrich can reach a speed of 50 mph.     

#9.)  The average person eats about two tons of food over their lifetime.
Bullcrap:  The amount is closer to 35 tons. 

#10.)  After taking three ships on his first trip to America, Columbus brought 17 on his second trip.



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